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Like you, we’re outdoor enthusiasts that love the thrill of adventure and need products that work and play hard.

Our Story

Our roots extend back 40 years as a distributor of recreational products to adventurers in the province of British Columbia. As we matured in this marketplace, we identified a need to not only expand our offerings of recreational trailers and related accessories, but also innovate our own product to help address the specific needs of our customers.

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Made For North America

We create and work with leading manufacturers of boats, trailers, docks, hoists, truck decks and accessories inspired by our surroundings and tested to withstand the elements of North America’s vast terrain. Our dedicated Canadian and US Dealers are fully-equipped with a wide-range of quality products and backed by 5 Marlon locations committed to exceptional service and timely support.



The goal for the Avalanche Alliance 2022 Sweepstakes is for the motorized snowsport community to join forces and raise money to support avalanche centers around the U.S. and Canada. This is an opportunity for us to show solidarity in our goals of reducing avalanche fatalities for motorized users.

Proceeds from these sweepstakes will be awarded to Avalanche Centers in support of motorized-focused programs, Avalanche Alliance Scholarship Programs, and Avalanche Alliance Ambassador Training & Community Education Initiatives. A grant program has been envisioned by the members of the Avalanche Alliance as a way to strengthen the motorized snowsports community's connection with Avalanche Centers and support the work they are doing for snowmobilers, snowbikers, etc.

Come visit our dealer Shelter Island on April 14/15 at the Western Outdoor TroutCast at Lake Cuyamaca see what they have available!


A Special Thank You!!

We would like to express our gratitude to the following outdoor enthusiasts that assist Marlon with the design, testing & recommendations of our product lines. Thank you for your valuable feedback, awesome photos & dynamic videos of Marlon Recreational Products in use.

Dave Narona - Follow Dave on Instagram @davenorona or his website

Cody Mcnolty - Follow Cody on Instagram @mcnolty318

Rob Alford - Follow Rob on Instagram @alfordrob

Colton Olstad - Follow Colton on Instagram @ colstad_803

Troy Burt - Follow Troy on Instagram @ 5toesriding

Special shout out to Dave Norona for letting us use some of his awesome pictures on our website, you rock Dave!



We’re a Passionate Team of Outdoor Adventurers.

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The Marlon Difference

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to making products that work hard and play even harder. Whether your game is tough terrain or raging rapids, we’ve drawn upon our dedicated dealer and client networks to construct the tools to conquer your next thrill.

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We build and represent quality products that make the outdoors more fun. Whether your kind of fun is on land or water, we've got you covered.

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