Marlon Recreational Products is PROUD to have a great Team of Deck Ambassadors to help us get the word out about our AWESOME sled decks, help fine tune our products and test it to the max!

Dave Norona is lucky enough to be apart of the super fun Ski-Doo Backcountry Team, travelling throughout North America in search of deep Powder Snow! “Snowmobiling is one awesome sport with great people who are passionate about exploring the backcountry! For me that means riding deep powder snow, sled-skiing or finding cool zones to ski-tour off my machine. I also love discovering new areas and having fun with my buddies! I am also proud to work with companies like Marlon, a family run business, that is all about creating amazing products to make it easier and safer to enjoy our sport!"

How old were you when you first got on a sled? 35 years old after 20 years of travelling the globe racing mountain bikes, cross country skis, surf skis and adventure racing.

Steak or Tacos?  Tacos

What is your favorite mountain to sled on? Any mountain that has fresh deep Powder

Favorite song? Right now its ‘playing in my kitchen” a children’s song that my 23 month old daughter goes ape for, so we play it 10 times per day, I sing it all the time now! Scary!

What’s your sled length? Ski-Doo Summit One-Seven-Five

FORD / CHEV / DODGE?   GMC but I like them all!

Finger throttle or thumb?  Due to riding and testing sleds throughout the year, I stick with what is stock, thumb throttle!

Beer or Whisky or? Neither - Redbull-Vodka’s is where I like to fly!

2 stroke or 4?  2 stroke for sure!

1 super fun random fact about yourself ~ If its not fun, I am not into it, sports are all about having fun and getting out with your buddies and new friends and that is what I am all about!


We build and represent quality products that make the outdoors more fun. Whether your kind of fun is on land or water, we've got you covered.

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