Colin McEvoy

How old were you when you got your first sled? 12 years old! a mid 70's ski-doo my dad fixed up and I called it frankenstein from all the riveting we had to do to fix the body.

Steak or Tacos? Steak for sure

What is your favorite mountain to ride? That's a tough one, I love my home state of WA so I'm biased towards Mt Baker, but Whistler, Revelstoke and Valemount areas are some of my favorite as well

Favorite song? Die a happy man by Thomas Rhett

What is your sled's length? Polaris Axys 850 163, I've been on a 155 for years so I wanted to see how well the 163's do!

Ford, Chevy, or Ram? Chevy for sure, GMC to be specific

Finger or thumb throttle? Been using thumb my whole life but I hear good things about the finger throttle!

Beer or whiskey? Crown and coke all day

2 stroke or 4 stroke? 2 stroke for winter, 4 stroke for summer


1 super fun random fact about yourself - I'm a videogrpaher/photographer by trade so I have to have a good PC to handle large file sizes and video codec's while editing so I built a bit of a gaming/video editing PC since I'm a bit of a nerd on the side and play PC shooter games like Counter Strike GO and Player Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG for short)
- Colin McEvoy

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