Megan Render

My sled takes me to the most beautiful places in the world and allows me to forgot all my worries and troubles in life! Unfortunately for me travelling is a big part of my sledding season since I live 4.5 hrs away from the closest riding areas. Because of this I need a quality deck to haul the sleds, one that is strong enough to withstand any conditions that I haul it through but also one that utilizes parts that are light enough for a woman to handle on her own if needed. You need to be able to trust that your deck will get your snowbaby to the hill safe and sound and with Marlon's supertrac system and the utilization of the superclamp products your baby is as secure as one could be. Just like how I can count on sledding to give me the freedom feeling I can count on Marlon decks to give me the freedom to ride.

What is sledding to me? Sledding is what drives me, it’s what pushes me to have confidence in all areas of my live.


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