Riding for me is all about freedom, it's like the feeling of being in love that makes you do things no one else understands! Wondering what’s around the next corner, over the next hill or past the next mountain and what’s all in between to see, feel and smell along the way. Feeling the freedom and sense of adventure is what makes me feel alive! Living in the moment like a kid again ready to adventure with that tickle in my tummy as I see views I’ve dreamed of my whole life. So many unforgettable memories have come from riding dirt bikes and motorcycles, that is adventure to me and that’s why I ride!

No matter what type of adventure your passion is motorcycles, sleds, quads or boating it’s all about getting out and enjoying this beautiful country we live in. This year the addition of a Marlon 14' Jon boat will allow me to adventure lakes and rivers while boat camping along with loading up my lil Honda Grom to go in the Jon boat and ride new beaches around Southern Alberta & British Columbia.

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