Shelter Island Inflatables becomes a Marlon Dealer

Shelter Island Inflatables becomes a Marlon Dealer

We are proud to announce Shelter Island Inflatables of San Diego, CA as Marlon's newest boat and trailer dealer. 

Shelter Island Inflatables (SSI) is a full-service shop and have been reliably and loyally serving the boating community of southern California from Shelter Island in San Diego since 2013. Their ability to work on any vessel and do the job right the first time is what they pride themselves on. SSI offers a range of different products, such as roll up inflatables, yacht tenders, and from now on, the Marlon aluminum boat line! 

“Daniel Brown, SSI General Manager, stated “Our new relationship with Marlon grows and develops our ability to serve boaters. These new offerings strengthen our position to be a trusted source of value for all boaters, from Bass Angler to the Yacht Club Commodore''.

SSI received their first load, and we all are excited thanks to the positive feedback Daniel says they have been receiving from boaters across the socioeconomic spectrum about Marlon products. 

As with all our dealers, we share something in common: Our passion for the outdoors. Therefore, creating experiences in our community is more important than the sale of the product itself. There is a place for them in boating, and it is more than just a nice thing to do; it is imperative to our industry and the quality of our communities and lives. 

Shelter Island Salesman, Gideon J said: - ''Very much appreciative of Marlon’s Marc Zach and the crew for helping us expand our offerings. Quality product, I am proud to be able to present Marlon products to customers''.

We look forward to the great things to come for Shelter Island Inflatables, and our new relationship.

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