Why buy a sled deck over a sled trailer?

Why buy a sled deck over a sled trailer?

At Marlon one of our most exciting products is our Sled Decks. There are many advantages of purchasing a truck deck over a sled trailer and here's why! 

  • Having a Sled Deck with your machines loaded gives you more weight over your rear axle giving you better handling on the snowy roads.
  • You can keep your gear relatively dry by storing your gear under your deck in your puck up box.
  • Not towing a trailer and having a Sled Deck makes backing, turning around and overall driving easier! This is especially handy when travelling up snow lodging roads in the winter or chasing that snow line at the end of the season! 
  • Your machines are more protected on a Sled Deck from road grime and rocks.
  • With the purchase of a trailer you always need to worry about blowing a tire, bearings, having to insure it etc... With a Sled Deck you do not need to insure it, there are no tires or bearings to worry about.
  • Our Sled Decks are designed for many other uses other than snowmobiles. With the appropriate accessories you can load any factory built side by side on the market on to our Truck Decks, load your Utility or Jon Boat, and use it for work purposes!

Here are a couple reasons to choose a Marlon Sled Deck!

  • Our 8' longer decks will fit in any box that is 6'2" long to 8' long.
  • Our 7' long decks will fit in boxes from 5'5" long to 6'5" long.
  • Unique to us a reverse, brake and turn signal light that has been integrated into our rear load bar.
  • Loading lights built into the headache rack.
  • Many accessories available to help do what you want!
  • All aluminum decking, superglides installed.
  • Bolt in securement to ease of mind.
  • Easy slide out sides embedded with UHMW.
  • Telescopic ramps.
  • 5 Year warranty.
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