Why choose removable decking panels for your Dock System

Why choose removable decking panels for your Dock System

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ShoreMaster dock systems feature removable decking panels, but why?

There are a number of reasons. First, we build the strength of our dock systems into the frame sections themselves. We don't rely on the decking attachment to provide the system its strength. Second, its better for the owners of our systems. Removable decking panels provide you options and makes installation, removal and upgrades so much easier. 

Why choose a removable deck panel system?

  • Panels can be removed for installation and dock removal, making sections lighter and easier to carry and install.
  • Opportunity for updates and upgrading the look of your system without replacing frame sections.
  • Easily replace individual panels if necessary - no need to replace an entire section or system.
  • Trust that the integrity and strength of your system is built into the frame itself.

Enjoy these benefits and more with a Shoremaster Infinity dock system. Our line-up of dock frames and sections feature removable decking, easy installation and Infinity Track accessories, and so much more! We offer market leading 9 different decking options including: Gray Oak & Traditional Wood-grain Aluminum, Painted Tan, White or Platinum Aluminum, Tan & Gray Glacier Flow Through, and the ShoreMaster exclusive Gray & Tan Vertex! 


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