10' Marlon Single Multi Trailer

Marlon Multi-functional Multi-Season 10' Single Tilt Trailer

The Marlon New Product development team sat down with the goal of developing a trailer that would do more, could be used for Multiple uses and could be used in Multiple seasons. Development code name was MultiFunctional Trailer.

We wanted it lite so it can be towed behind a selection of vehicles to haul your sled, ATV, Trail SxS, stack of wood …………that’s why it is all aluminum including the decking.

But we wanted more… And we wanted to be the best and to grow the declining sled trailer business so we kept this in mind and looked for things we could do from the ground up.

Extruded sides which you may recognize from our sled decks. With tie down points down the entire side at a 45 degree angle allowing you to tie down dirt bikes, various items you may carry from the lumber yard or to the dump or your ATV or trail side by side using our tire tie downs.

Radial tires with galvanized rims. Heavy duty torsion axle! Many optional accessories to accommodate your specific needs!

All aluminum decking as mentioned earlier adds pure strength to the trailer vs. a thin sheet of plywood allows you to tie down items such as ATV’s and not worry about the tires sinking into the plywood and straps coming loose while driving in a thunderstorm – confident that there is no plywood stretching because it has become wet.

Our trailer has been designed for all seasons and to meet your needs. It can be used for your current and future toys!


  • Salt shield
  • Aluminum ski tie down bar
  • Superclamp tie down
  • Rear ramp loading bar used with SxS ramps
  • SxS Ramps, must be used when loading SxS
  • Single motorcycle ramp or 2 ramps for ATV or SxS loading c/w with safety latches requires ramp tray
  • Tire tie downs
  • Spare tire & tire carrier
  • Motorcycle wheel chock
  • Superglide ski glides & ATV tire traction
  • Snowmobile traction mat

More in development as we work on watercraft bunks and winch post, rack to carry your Marlon utility boat or a tent to mention a few.

Note: it is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with the local laws regarding trailers. For full information on the laws in your State or Province, contact the appropriate agency.

The single multi trailer has two axle positions. Place the axle in the front position for snowmobile use and in the back or rear axle position when loading and trailering 50" wide SXS's. Always ensure that any load weight is centered over the axle of all trailers!

When using the Multi trailer to carry a SxS the SxS ramp, ramp trays and loading bar options must be ordered and used. The tongue bolts securing the trailer deck frame to the tongue must also be in use. Ensure the weight of the SxS is balanced evenly over the axle. Trailer cannot be loaded safely and is not designed to load a SxS as a tilt trailer. If doing so damage to the trailer will occur when the trailer deck comes down onto the tongue and may cause personal injury and damage to the trailer frame and or tongue.

The Multi single trailer has two axle mounting locations. The rear or back location must be used when carrying a SxS to ensure the trailer has the proper weight distribution. If not in the proper rear position the trailer will not be balanced properly and may cause the trailer to swerve and not track properly causing injury and an accident. When carrying a snowmobile, the axle must be in the forward front axle position as the weight is more forward on the trailer deck. Always ensure that the weight the trailer is carrying is properly balanced over the axle.


  • Length: 10'
  • Deck width: 
  • Overall width:
  • Carrying Capacity: 1835 lbs
  •  Tire size: ST175/80R13C 


  • All aluminum trailer including the deck
  • Industry first slide out sides
  • Galvanized torsion axle
  • Tie down track at a 45-degree angle for easily tying down toys & loads
  • Embedded center tire down track
  • Radial tire with galvanized rims
  • LED lights


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